Mind-State Meditation

Teachers’ Run Club has never been ‘just’ about running. It is about celebrating activity in all its forms, and for us as teachers sometimes stopping and taking the time to rest and reflect is something we struggle with! 

Rest from completing the work, but also from thinking about it! Whilst we all might know that taking a break for ourselves is necessary, it’s not always that easy.

Our newest partners are all about stopping and taking the time to really focus on the moment, not letting life pass between your eyes without taking a second to experience or notice its beauty! Leaving the consistent thoughts running around our brains behind for a short moment to create time for you!

Chris, the founder and facilitator of Mind-state Meditation is a former Royal Marine Commando and has since leaving the Marines has spent 7 years as a meditation practitioner. Following a 10-week stint in 2021 as a Buddhist Monk, he has spent the last year focusing on training others in this art.

Chris is no stranger to running completing the Thames Path 100km ultra run last year as well as many mountaineering expeditions.

From Chris:

Do you struggle with meditation? Feel as if you are ‘not doing it properly’? Or you simply don’t know where to start? 

If this is the case for you, or even if you are just interested in learning a new skill, feel free to book in a 1-1 session with myself.

In meditation, we look to pull back the curtains, rather than adding to our self, we strip away all of the nonsense gained through a life of striving. From the moment of birth, we listen to our families, our politicians and our culture, forever (mis)guided by an outlook derived from something external,  When we take the time to quieten the mind and go within, we may find that we always knew how to be, if only we had listened to ourselves.

Chris and Mind-state Meditation will be making up part of our individual and school Active Wellbeing packages available in the New Year. But until then you can check out their guided meditations and thought-provoking speeches at their YouTube Channel or book a FREE 1-to-1 consultation session with Chris here.

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