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The Teacher Feature is our way of letting our runners tell their story. Do you have an amazing achievement you want to share, an inspirational story or a charity challenge you’d like to spread the word about?

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Meet this week’s Teacher Feature, and our TRC London Marathon runner…

Name: ⁣Laura Williams 

Year group you teach/job role in school: ⁣Head of Social Sciences department. Teaching year 9-13.

Years teaching: ⁣18 years 

How long have you been running: ⁣12 years

What’s your favourite distance to run: ⁣Half marathon

Laura’s Story…

“If I hadn’t taken up running, I think I’d be unhealthy both physically and mentally…”

There are 3 things I am passionate about in life.

Being a great mum, I have two awesome boys who are my world. I want to be the best role model I can for them. Kind, caring and hopefully inspirational. Some of my favourite runs are the runs I do with them! 

Teaching, this was a career I said I’d never enter. It happened though and I wasn’t great at it at the start. It’s not an easy job, it takes dedication and hard work, a bit like distance running. But most days I do love it with all my heart, except for the marking, who likes marking?!?

Running, this has literally saved my life. Helped me go from an unfit, obese 20 something, to a fit and strong 40 something. If I hadn’t taken up running, I think I’d be unhealthy both physically and mentally. Running helps me deal with the stress of my hectic life. It has helped keep me sane throughout lockdown, build friendships and act as a role model for the running community to those I teach. 

I have completed a number of half marathons including GNR, London landmarks and Birmingham, I have run the Manchester Marathon and Race to the Stones 100km ultra marathon.

I am so excited to run in London. It is my dream come true! I am hoping to use this chance to further develop the love of running in school and raise money for mental health projects to help our lovely pupils affected by the strains of recent events in society.


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