Rewriting Wellbeing event!

Education may not be the easiest place to be of late, but there are some brilliant people out there trying to support educators and education staff in so many different ways.  Whether it’s through promoting active lives like Teachers’ Run Club and Teacher Peloton, or supporting the mental wellbeing of educators across the UK likeContinue reading “Rewriting Wellbeing event!”

The GoJoe Challenge is back!!!

Lets keep the activity up as we enter Autumn 1 with a bit of friendly GoJoe competition against Teacher Peloton Cycling Club! TRC v TPCC If you haven’t joined one of our GoJoe challenge before, here is what you need to know. Download the GoJoe app (It’s FREE and on both Android and iOS) LinkContinue reading “The GoJoe Challenge is back!!!”

Switch up your training this school year and make Keeping Active work for you!

TRC Virtual HiiT session trial – Monday 12th September The summer is different for all of us, some find it easier to be active due to the spare time, whilst others struggle with the loss of routine.  With the new academic year about to begin we want to help make keeping active as easy asContinue reading “Switch up your training this school year and make Keeping Active work for you!”

Run the London Marathon for Family Holiday Charity

As educators and members of staff in schools we work with children and families from all walks of life. We know that children don’t all have the same opportunities for life experiences as one another, and what children experience outside of the school gates has a huge impact on their future. The Family Holiday CharityContinue reading “Run the London Marathon for Family Holiday Charity”

What are the benefits of Active Staff Challenges in your school? 

We all know we need to include exercise in our day, we know the benefits and the potential risks if we aren’t active enough. We are great at creating these opportunities for the children we teach, but are we practising what we preach?  For some of us, living an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle isContinue reading “What are the benefits of Active Staff Challenges in your school? “