TRC: Run To Work Week

Let’s make a change…

Let’s make more time for ourselves…

Let’s leave more space in the staff car park…

Let’s run more…

And Let’s do it for charity!

The final week of Spring 2 will be the first ever TRC Fundraiser, raising money for:

Education Support, the only UK charity dedicated to supporting the mental & physical wellbeing of education staff.

For the final week of the term we are asking school staff everywhere to pledge an active commute, we want you to push yourself out of your comfort zone. 

There are lots of ways you can get involved, regardless of if you are a ‘runner’ or not and all we are asking for is a small donation:

  • The price of your daily coffee
  • The cost of your fuel for the days you would have driven
  • £1 per km or mile your commute
  • Go big and raise some money in school or with family and friends or do something small, It’s up to you!

Complete the form below so we can keep track of all our active educators then make your pledge and entry donation at our JustGiving page here.

Different ways to complete your active commute pledge:

Pick a day and run/walk/cycle to and/or from work. Already actively commute? Up your days, if you actively commute once a week, try 2, or 3…If you cycle already, try and switch a bike day for a run.
Live just around the corner from work? Sacrifice that extra 30 mins in bed and take the ‘long’ way in on foot. Get your colleagues in on the action! Meet up and cycle, run or walk in together, get that first meeting of the day complete before the days even began. Set yourself a big challenge and aim for every day, can you actively commute every day of the week!
Get a lift some of the way: if your commute is extra long, try getting a lift /train/bus some of the way and walk/run the rest. Half an active commute: Run/walk/cycle in and get a lift/public transport back, or vice versa. Switch it up and try something new each day. WALK -RUN-BIKE-SCOOT-SKATE???

Top tips for active commutes

Run in on your PE day so you can change into a tracksuit!Plan ahead: leave your next days lunch and clothes at work the day before. Leave a towel and shower gel in your desk so you can have a ‘bird bath’ when you get to work (if you aren’t lucky enough to have showers)
Arrange for a colleague to drop your things in for you if they live near by so you can run without a heavy bag. Commute with a colleague and turn your journey into a social catch up. Get a hydration vest for running or backpack for cycling so you can carry small items or a lap top.
Car share so you can run home without leaving your car at work. Build your commute into your event training and gain back time for yourself in the evening. Bring/leave a different set of running/cycling clothes for the return journey, nothing worse than putting sweaty clothes back on.

Fill in the form to let us know you’re getting involved!

Now click here to make your pledge donation

How your donations will help school staff around the UK:

£25 could help fund a place to sleep
An increasing number of teachers apply for a grant because they’re facing the threat of losing their home. Some even spend nights sleeping in a car. Your donation could make sure they have a bed for the night.
£26 could fund a call to the Helpline
We’re here 24/7 to offer a lifeline to educators in crisis.
£50 could help someone at risk of suicide
Every day, two people calling our Helpline are clinically assessed to be at risk of suicide. Your donation could make sure we’re there to answer those desperate calls.
Our dedicated 24/7 Helpline team handles more than 9,000 conversations every year.
£150 could provide household essentials
Many teachers or people working in education come to us when they can’t afford to replace or fix essential in items in the home during times of financial struggle. Your gift could replace a vital kitchen appliance or even a bed to make life easier for them and their family.
In the past 3 years, we have awarded more than £90,000 in grants to replace or repair household goods.

Any amount you could spare – even the cost of a £3 morning coffee – could just help to save a life for a teacher who is really struggling. You can make a real difference.

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