Coming Soon: The TRC January Nudge



We are all feeling the financial pinch at the moment, so to ensure our activity isn’t the thing that gets dropped, we have put together the January Nudge. This is our way to keep you active and motivated as well as hopefully save you a little money too!

TRC is here to give you that little nudge in the active direction for 2023. Kick off the year in an active way!

What will I be paying for?

TRC is a Community Interest Company, which basically means, we reinvest any money made back into the community we are working for… Teachers, education and school communities like yours!

For £12 you will receive x2 weekly live virtual active sessions, as well as have access to those session recordings after. (Normal price to access a live virtual session alone is over £5 per session)

You will have exclusive access to 2 webinars with TeachersRunClub founder Dan and guests looking at both your wellbeing and how you can share your active lifestyle with your pupils and colleagues.

To round off the month you will be sent a keyring showing off your monthly running miles/kms or active hours (your choice).

Finally, you will receive a printable calendar to track your activity in your classroom or office, a great discussion point for the children!

The January Nudge will be available to purchase in the coming weeks. To get an email when our payments open, please complete the below form.

Complete the below form and we will email you as soon as payments are open!

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