Teacher Feature 07.


Meet this week’s Teacher Feature…

Name: Tom Hutchings

Role: in school  Headteacher

Years Teaching: 19

How long have you been running? 5 years

What’s your favourite distance to run: 10k for the blast, marathon for the mental and physical challenge

Tom’s Story…

“Fred Flintstone is currently in the lead…”

I originally only started running back in 2016 because it was 15 years since my grandad had passed away from prostate cancer, and my father in law had just been diagnosed with the same disease so I wanted to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. Living in Bath, the Bath Half seemed like a proper challenge and a great fit, so I trained for around 6 moths for it. I’ve always played sport – cricket, football, rugby and squash in particular but never really run.

As I finished the Bath Half, I swore I’d never run that distance again and was looking forwards to going back to my other sports, but about three weeks later, I really missed the running and since that point, I have just kept it up! I love the mental break it gives me from the stresses of the day; I don’t quite know how and why it works but I manage to think about absolutely nothing when I run. It’s an amazing tonic to a busy day.

“My wife won’t let me have my medals at home so they’re all on display in my office at school and are certainly a talking point for visitors”

I’m now up to about 20 half marathons and have just run my eighth marathon. My wife won’t let me have my medals at home so they’re all on display in my office at school and are certainly a talking point for visitors; my Reception pupils always pay me a visit when they are on a shape hunt! Far and away my biggest achievement so far was the White Star Ox Epic back in May 2018, four off-road, hilly races over a long weekend – 10k on Friday evening, 50 miles on the Saturday, 10k on the Sunday morning and then a half marathon to finish just before lunch. Even writing it sounds bonkers, but the medals were great and the experience was amazing!

I’m currently in training for the Ultra Challenge Coast2Coast run from Minehead in Somerset to Dawlish in Devon. This is a continuous, 102km run from the north coast to the south in July of this year. In the build-up to this race, I’ve run the Moreton Marathon in Dorset and then a 50km version of the Edinburgh Virtual Marathon. I’m running the Coast2Coast in aid of Winston’s Wish, an amazing charity who have been an incredible source of support to families and staff at my school over the last year. They have helped, in particular, four children in my school who tragically lost a parent during the first lockdown in 2020.

There’s a second part to the challenge which the children in my school seem more excited about, the Bristol Half in September which will be in fancy dress. Fred Flintstone is currently in the lead for my sponsors’ choice of outfit, but that could all change between now and then with a bit more sponsorship!

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