Teacher Feature 06.


Meet this week’s Teacher Feature…

Name: Davinia Inkson

Role in school:  Head of Year 6

Years teaching: 23 years

How long have you been running: 5 Years

What’s your favourite distance to run: Depends on how I feel that day! Anywhere from 5km to HM…

Davinia’s Story…

“You are stronger than you think”

Parkrun has a lot to answer for really – I was listening to the radio in 2016 and heard an interview about Parkrun. At the time, I wasn’t doing much regular exercise and was inspired to give Parkrun a try.  (In the past, I had only ever run in primary school and absolutely hated it). Not brave enough to go to the parkrun by myself,  I roped my husband and three kids in and basically told them that we were all going to run/ walk/ drag ourselves round the 5km course.  Obviously they were all delighted by the prospect!  I turned up, in old joggers and battered trainers, feeling very much not a runner, but I got round the course – even running some of it.  (Needless to say my kids and husband all managed it fairly easily and asked what took me so long when I crossed the finish line!)

There started my love/ hate relationship with running… I progressed onto being a fairly regular parkrunner with the odd other 5km run squeezed in during the week.  I would definitely not have called myself a runner and often it felt like more of a chore – I had to go out for a run. I knew it was ‘good for me’ so I kept at it – never more than about 5km and never very fast!

This all changed in December 2019.  We were away on holiday in the Lake District with a big group of friends (imagine that – a big group all staying in one building together) – many of whom were what I would have called ‘runners’.  Somehow, I got persuaded to go on my first trail run and ran 10km up and down and around the fells.  It was hard but I loved it. This got me thinking that maybe I could be a runner.

“I have a captive audience with my Year 6 class who get to hear about all the ups and downs.  They keep a tally on the whiteboard with how far I have run this year and they are my biggest cheerleaders”

I’m generally the type of person who goes all in.  Once I had made the decision to be a ‘runner’ that was it.  I started off running 3km every morning before school and managed 3 months before injury.  Lockdown 1 began, and even though I couldn’t run I found getting out for a walk before school kept me sane.  Towards the end of lockdown I started back to running but took it very steadily, had rest days and found I started to really enjoy it.  I started trying a longer run each week which was painful at first but mind over matter seemed to do the trick – I’m nothing if not determined.

Running has now become a big part of my life.  I am not a social runner – preferring to run on my own with my thoughts.  It is the only time I get completely to myself, away from kids, school and everything else and I relish it.  I am a morning runner, so this means I am up and out before 5.30am most days.  I have gradually upped my distance, running longer distances and more miles in a week.  I’ve even managed a couple of virtual half marathons – something I never would have thought possible 5 years ago.  A friend sent me a quote “You are stronger than you think”.  This is so true – I say this to myself when I’m on a long run, drained of energy and just want to stop. It has kept me going more times than I can say.

My family thinks I am slightly bonkers as I do like to sign up for a virtual challenge – especially if a medal is involved! I have made so many virtual friends through running on Twitter – like-minded people who just want to support you on your journey.  They don’t judge or worry about the fact that I am slow (or spend far too much time injured).  I’ve even turned into one of those people I used to roll my eyes at – I talk about running with anyone and everyone who will listen.  I have a captive audience with my Year 6 class who get to hear about all the ups and downs.  They keep a tally on the whiteboard with how far I have run this year and they are my biggest cheerleaders – I got a card in December last year from them when I reached 1,000km for the year!  I want them to know that anyone can run, even if you don’t ‘look’ like a runner (I most definitely do not).  If I inspire even one of them to have a go then I call that a win. 

Even though the past year has been difficult for so many reasons, I am grateful that it gave me a love of running which will continue – there are so many challenges left for me to do.  The first being my first ‘live’ half marathon in October…

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