Category: Open Water Swim

Event name: Swim Serpentine

Event location: Hyde Park, London

Water Quality : I did wonder what the water quality would be like, but to my surprise it was really good. The water was great to swim in. It was a lovely warm day which did help but I don’t remember ever catching my hands or arms in any reads or feeling the bottom the whole way round. The route was easy to navigate, however i did end up in the finishing shoot a lap early, but a marshal on a kayak was able to re-direct me.

Would you say the event was good value for money? The 2 mile swim that I completed was £50, which is pretty steep for an open water swim, but you are paying for the experience of swimming in a mass participation event in central London that is run by the same people who put on the London Marathon, so it’s to be expected.

The event itself was really well organised, considering the huge numbers that were taking place throughout the day it was on of the most relaxed atmospheres I have ever experienced at an event.

What tips would you give to others before they take on this event?

  • If it’s a nice day bring the family and friends a long, there are lots of food and drink venders in the event village.
  • There are large changing tents for both men and women right at the start
  • You will be sent a clear string bag for your belongings to go in ahead of bag drop, if you’re able to, squeeze your regular bag inside the clear event bag before handing it into bag check then chuck it after.
  • If your family are watching you, they will easily be able to take your things from you once you have changed though if needed.

Would you take part in this event again? I took part in the 2 mile swim as a part of my efforts towards the London Classics medal (London Marathon, Ride 100 and Swim Serpentine). There are also lots of shorter distances available.

I had fun, but would probably only take part again if I was going to try the Super 6 Swim (6 mile swim challenge.) Great event though that everyone should do at least once!

Review by Dan from TeachersRunClub

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