Semi Marathon de Paris

Category: Run

Event name: Semi Marathon de Paris

Event location: Paris, France

Event distance: 21km/13.1miles(Half Marathon)

Terrain: Road – pretty much flat as a pancake although there were some cobbles! If you’ve ever done the Paris marathon this is pretty much the first half of the marathon but in the opposite direction

Would you say the event was good value for money? As city centre events go it was reasonably priced, but you need to factor in the cost of getting there, staying there and the amount of food and drink you will consume while there.

What tips would you give to others before they take on this event? The expo was low key – but that may be due to Covid – with very few retail opportunities. One of our group needed to change their starting time (to avoid missing our train home, we hadn’t anticipated the start being spread out over 2.5hrs) and this was done quickly and easily.

Would you take part in this event again? Yes!

Review by Victoria Dick
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