Rushmere Park Run, Bedfordshire

Category: Park Run  

Event name & organiser: Rushmere ParkRun 

Event location: Rushmere Country Park, Central Bedfordshire  

Event distance: 5km

Terrain: A 2 lap off road route through the beautiful country park. The route is mainly under the trees but can get extremely wet and boggy when it’s been raining. Some of the route is quite sandy, be sure to wear your trail shoes! 

This isn’t a flat parkrun by any means, there is a short sharp climb that leads to a longer fast descent, be careful here as there are a lot of exposed tree roots. 

Would you say the event was good value for money? You can’t get better value than ParkRun, however Rushmere does have a parking charge of £3 so it’s definitely better to run or cycle up there if you can. 

What tips would you give to others before they take on this event? Make sure you have some form of payment on you, you can pay by card at the car park exit. This might not be a PB course but there are plenty of options to pick up speed on the wide flat sections.

Don’t forget your train shoes!

Review by Daniel Chaplen from TeachersRunClub
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