TRC in 2023

If you have been with us since the start, then thank you for being a part of this journey! TRC isn’t about one person, it’s about the community, the every day people doing amazing things day in and day out. It’s about those people sharing their journeys with each other and in turn inspiring other school staff members and educators to find enjoyment in their own active life!

Our vision is to see educators and school staff members building activity into their days as a way of looking after their own wellbeing! Using movement as a tool to maintain a healthy body and mind. Movement doesn’t have to mean running and TRC celebrate all forms of movement, from yoga to ultra running.

Our hope, is that through active staff we will begin to see more active pupils and more active communities. Active staff members becoming real life role models for their pupils. Sharing their own active journeys and stories with the young people they teach, letting them know that it isn’t all about being the strongest or the fastest, that taking on a challenge is tough, but the benefits to us are unquestionable.

In October we officially became a Community Interest Company, this means that now we can become more than just an online community via social media, but a company working for educators and schools to help increase active opportunities for everyone within the school community.

I (Dan) have been working in education for over 13 years and I want to use the experiences I have gained through my own active challenges, community event planning and school and community sport to bring these concepts and success to as many schools as possible.

What to expect from TRC throughout 2023:

  • Individual TRC membership*: Bringing you benefits like weekly virtual workouts
  • School memberships*: With benefits such as funding to train x1 staff member as a run coach helping you to start your own run club within your community.
  • Monthly newsletters: Rounding up the months highlights.
  • Community event entry: Offering low cost event entry.
  • Scheduled evening webinars**: Interviews and talks on subjects of interest such as engaging young girls in activity.
  • TRC Running Merch: Starting with running vests and T-shirts before expanding the range.
  • Bookable workshops and speaking arrangements*: Work with Dan to come up with a session to suit the needs of your group or look at pre-written CPD sessions.
  • Discounts and offers: Working with our growing group of partners to bring discounts and great offers to all TRC runners.
  • And much more!!! Teachers’ Run Club is a not for profit organisation, this means the money made through our membership offers will go back into the company, brining more benefits to the whole community!

We wish everyone within the TeachersRunClub community a really Happy New Year and look forward to seeing and sharing as many of your active journeys as possible in 2023!!!


TRC Founder

*includes a fee

**may include a fee

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