2022 TRC Highlights

Since January 2021 when TRC was first launched I (Dan) had no idea what would come from it. All I wanted to do was create a space for school staff members to share their active achievements and hopefully inspire a few others to find enjoyment in activity a long the way.

Since then it has become clear that this is a journey that I will be in for the long term, with the aim now to not only share what people are doing, but also use my own experiences and knowledge to support schools and staff members in creating a positive active culture within their community, with the adults as the figure heads!

TRC highlights for 2022! Tomorrow we will release our vision for 2023!
  • Our Twitter community surpassing 4,000!
  • Weekly Strava Club numbers regularly reaching 10,000 miles!
  • Community entry tickets for the London 10,000 and the Big Half!
  • Our first speaking engagement at the Luton & Bedfordshire Sports Conference
  • We registered as a Community Interest Company, meaning in 2023 we will be able to expand TRC and work with schools and staff in a way we haven’t been able too so far.
  • Our London Marathon spot giveaway, so TRC will have a representative at the start line in April.
  • Trial podcast episodes have given us something to build on in 2023 finding a new way to publish our Teacher Features.
  • Run to Work Week in March raised money for Education Support and encouraged staff to try an active commute.
  • Partnerships built and grown upon with some amazing companies (who you can find on our partners page)

So, what’s next for 2023 for TeachersRunClub?

As far as we re concerned, TRC has only just begun, the community of educators and companies looking to support us is growing daily, and we look forward to working with schools, businesses, charities and individuals as we grow again over the next 12 months.

See tomorrows post for our full aims of 2023.

For now, you can now sign up below to subscribe our new monthly newsletter where you will see a highlight of the months activities as well as a host more benefits!

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