Final Sunday of the Month Big Finish

Over the past year we have been encouraging every one of you to get out on the final Sunday of the month for one last push of activity! Finishing the month strong and taking that momentum into the new month.

We hope this has given you a little bit of a motivational shove in the right direction when you needed it, or you have seen other educator getting out for a swim, cycle or walk and it helped you feel you could do the same.

We want this monthly event to grow and support even more of you, the same way we do with TRC as a club and a brand.

So, we have teamed up with some brilliant organisation who have kindly agreed to support the monthly Big Finish events and put some prizes up for you all to win!!!

This is how it will work:

  • Throughout the month you will see content from us promoting the brand that is supporting the event that month!
  • You will have access to a discount code to purchase their products!
  • Then on the final Sunday of the month, get out and record an activity, it doesn’t need to be a run, and it doesn’t need to be for a set period of time, just get out and enjoy being active.
  • After you have done it, share it on Twitter and/or Instagramme to be entered into the draw to win that months prize.
  • EASY

The first company supporting us are 80Noir Ultra! We have worked with them earlier in the year and they have now supplied us with £50 worth of their dark chocolate goodness for one lucky winner!!! (Click here to listen to our interview with Carole, 80Noir founder about the benefits of her chocolate for runners)

If you want to get your hands on some delicious 80Noir Ultra before the end of the month, use can use the discount code below to start you off.

TRC Discount Code: BIGFINISH

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