Rewriting Wellbeing event!

Education may not be the easiest place to be of late, but there are some brilliant people out there trying to support educators and education staff in so many different ways. 

Whether it’s through promoting active lives like Teachers’ Run Club and Teacher Peloton, or supporting the mental wellbeing of educators across the UK like EdSupport or helping educators with their lifestyle and nutrition like The Teachers’ Health Coach. There are people and organisations out there aiming to bring us together to support the physical and mental wellbeing of anyone in education.

Now Charlie, The Teachers’ Health Coach is putting together an event to bring all of these amazing people together in one room, and you are invited! 

On Saturday 22nd October at St Pauls in London, Rewriting Wellbeing: The Health & Wellbeing Event for Educators is open to anyone in the education setting who wants to make a change to their way of life, and the lives of their colleagues. 

With some brilliant speakers and fantastic stalls this event is a must attend! 

Tickets are £50 and can be purchased by your school as CPD

To get your tickets, and for more event information, CLICK HERE

Use code: TEACHER20 for 20% off the ticket price!

This will be a great place for #TeachersRunClub runners to catch up in the flesh, as well as meet some other brilliant like minded educators. We hope to see lots of you there. 

Use code: TEACHER20 for 20% off

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