The GoJoe Challenge is back!!!

Lets keep the activity up as we enter Autumn 1 with a bit of friendly GoJoe competition against Teacher Peloton Cycling Club!


If you haven’t joined one of our GoJoe challenge before, here is what you need to know.

  • Download the GoJoe app (It’s FREE and on both Android and iOS)
  • Link it to your Strava/wearable…
  • Enter the code: 124765 to access our challenge
  • Join the team you wish to represent. TRC or TPCC???

The challenge will start on Monday 5th September and end on Sunday 18th September.

You will gain points for your team by recording any of the following activities on your wearable or through Strava (you can manually upload too if you need).

Walks: 1km (0.62miles) = 1 point

Runs: 1km (0.62miles) = 1 point

Cycles: 3km (1.86miles) = 1 point

Swims: 250m (0.15 miles) = 1 point

The scoring system is weighted so cyclist won’t have the upper hand. It’s all about fun and activity, hopefully giving you a little added motivation to get out the door knowing you are putting points on the board for your team!

GoJoe are very kindly hosting this challenge for us to help keep that summer active momentum going into the new academic year with the added benefit of gamification and friendly competition.

So, what are you wating for? Places are limited per team so go and pick your side!

If you need some help logging into the App and joining the teams, all the info you need is below.

Introducing…the TRC vs TPCC challenge!

It’s a friendly team-based virtual activity challenge taking place between 5th-19th September on the GoJoe app.

All TRC & TPCC members are invited to take part. Exercise on your own, but not alone. Join your club’s team. Activities mean points (weighted by activity type to level the playing field). Whichever team gets the most-points, wins.
But it’s not just about who tops the leaderboards!  It’s all about teamwork and encouraging each other to get active.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re an ‘ordinary joe’ (like us here at GoJoe) or elite athlete.  Every point counts.

Let’s go! 

Sign up today by following the instructions below.  

Activities, not steps 💪The challenge is all about planned or set activities – walking, running, cycling and swimming are included (please note that you can log HIIT, yoga, snowsports and pilates but these points will not count towards this challenge). It isn’t about everyday steps. Walking is included but it’s all about a planned walk measured in kms rather than everyday steps. 

To level the playing field, the activities in this challenge are also weighted so that you earn points for your distance and duration as follows:-

Walks: 1km (0.62miles) = 1 point
Runs: 1km (0.62miles) = 1 point
Cycles: 3km (1.86miles) = 1 point
Swims: 250m (0.15 miles) = 1 point

Impossible is nothing at GoJoe.  If you’re a person with a disability and feel that the above activities or weightings wouldn’t work for you or the other participants – hit us up here and our classification committee will come back to you.

How to sign up ✍️

Signing up is easy – simply follow these steps:-STEP 1 (GET THE APP): If you’ve not got it already, download the GoJoe social fitness app > create an account (it’s free) > sign in.
STEP 2 (FIND CHALLENGE): After you’ve signed in: press ‘challenges’ (bottom menu) > press the ‘got a code’ button (at the top) > enter code 1 2 4 7 6 5

STEP 3 ( JOIN TEAM):JOIN A TEAM… press the ‘join team’ button > press into the team that you want to join > press ‘join’.

STEP 4 (SYNC WEARABLE – OPTIONAL): If you have one, connect your Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, Suunto, Polar or Wahoo device to the GoJoe app (account > settings cog > applications and devices).  You don’t need a wearable to take part, though.

STEP 5 (GET ACTIVE): Do as many activities as you can during the challenge and add them to GoJoe to help your team.  Most points, wins.

Logging Activities 🛰️
To log activities, you can either:-sync a wearable (Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, Suunto, Polar or Wahoo), which will then pull across future workouts to GoJoe. Press account > settings > applications and devices; use GoJoe’s in-app GPS tracker – press the Go button > track activity; or manually add the workout – press the Go button > ‘input activity’.Remember this is about activities, not everyday steps.  This means you’ll usually have to press start/ stop and save on your wearable.

Chat with team-mates 💬
Once you’ve joined a team, you’ll automatically be added to a ‘team chat’ channel in the app which contains your team-mates (so you can encourage each other and plot your next move).  You’ll also find a ‘challenge chat’ channel (which contains all participants enabling you to have friendly chat with your opponents).  You can also direct message (DM) or follow one another.

And finally 🆘
Right, TRC & TPCC, let the games begin… (well on September 5th!). For now, it’s time to join your team on the app 😎 and get ready for action.  

Good luck and email or use our help centre if you need us.

-Team GoJoe

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