Step on the Pedal Challenge

St Matthew’s Primary School in Luton is calling for school staff across the UK to join them on their epic 980 mile, 80 hour bike challenge for Young Lives v Cancer
Find out how you can support this challenge and get involved in a section by reading below…

On Thursday 20th October 2022 a team of six cyclists made up of current and past teachers as well as staff family members, plus a nine-strong support crew will set off on an 80 hour980-mile cycle relay adventure, visiting the 3 mainland UK capital cities. Across the 3.5 days the bikes wont stop moving, only the riders will change.

The team will start off in a relay format from their school (St Matthew’s Primary) in Luton, ride down to London before heading west to Cardiff then north to Edinburgh, once there they will head back down south again, eventually finishing where they started at the school to the support of the community, who themselves will have taken on their own day of challenges.

To the best of their knowledge, they will be the first team of school staff taking on this challenge in this format. The riders will be working in pairs, completing 2 hour stints with a 4 hour recovery time before saddling up for their next effort. In total each rider will cover over 90 miles per 24 hours and over 300 miles across the 3.5 days.

The event has been planned to raise money for Young Lives vs Cancer, a nationwide charity supporting families with a child going through cancer treatment. The charity has supported members of their school community and they want to show their appreciation for the work that they do for so many families across the UK and help them to continue this work by ensuring all the money raised goes to supporting their efforts. 

And now for the best part… they want you to take part too!!! 

As the team cycles around the country they are asking as many educators and school staff members who cycle to join them for portions of the route. The team will need all the help and support they can get to complete this massive challenge and the idea that they will get to meet lots of different cyclists from different schools along the way, taking their mind off the challenge, sharing stories and most importantly, sitting in the wind will give them a huge boost!

Below you can see the approx route they are following with some rough timings, if you would like to express your interest in joining the riders for a small section of their 980 mile journey please follow the link below and fill out your details and they will get in touch! 

Follow this link and select: the Ride With Us tab

If you feel you can support this event in a different way please feel free to contact event organiser and Teachers Run Club founder Dan Chaplen on: 

Approx. timings:

Event starts at the A, each orange dot represents the end of a stage:

Stage 1 = 162miles + 1,106 meters (Thursday morning to early evening) 

Stage 2 = 137 miles + 1,855meters (Thursday night into Friday morning) 

Stage 3 = 155 miles + 1,745 meters (Friday morning to Friday evening) 

Stage 4 = 135 miles + 1,623 meters (Friday evening into Saturday morning) 

Stage 5 = 142 miles + 2,832 meters (Saturday morning to Saturday evening)

Stage 6 = 130 miles + 764 meters  (Saturday evening into Sunday morning) 

Stage 7 = 124 miles + 884 meters (Sunday morning to Sunday afternoon)

TOTAL  = 983 miles & 10,841 meters elevation

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